Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Scourger-Blind Date For Violence 2006


1. Decline Of Conformity / Grading:Deranged
2. Hatehead
3. Maximum Intensity
4. Enslaved To Faith
5. The Oath & The Lie
6. Chapter Thirteen
7. Pain Zone
8. Exodus Day
9. Feast Of The Carnivore

ahh yes, the new The Scourger album. Anyone who don't know this band has former Gandalf members vocalist Jari Hurskainen and guitarist Timo Nyberg. Anyone NOT knowing who Gandalf are well, shame on you!! Anyhow this is a great thrashing melodic death album, not unlike Slaughter Of The Soul. Highly Recommended to all those mdm lovers out there! Check them out
The Scourger Website



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