Sunday, February 26, 2006

Well that didn;t work out quite as planned

Hey all,

No more music streaming. That was fast :(. I ran out of bandwidth apparently. Thought it was a good idea, but didn't work as planned. Would have been a good way for people to hear new bands, but it failed miserably hahah.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Streaming Samples Up

Hey all,

I added a few streaming samples, after finally figuring out what the hell I had to do to add it in here. :P Some are from what has already been put up, and some are just random songs that I like. So far all they are are melodic death songs. Soon I'll add more when I feel like it.

As most of you know, I have not updated this site in awhile. That is due to no incentive. All I asked for was to comment. Either a " cool album", bla "shitty album", or oooh yeah the best one " THANKS". I made this blog for the KT community first and for most, and of course the rest of the metallers out there that happened to fall onto the page. Though without any comments, I have no incentive to add more albums at this point. In due time, I may feel like adding more, but until then it's not really worth my time.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mindcrime - Tourniquet Sleep

01. Falling Of Innocence
02. Owner Of Secrets
03. Search For Serenty
04. 10.00 am
05. Guidance
06. Dream Haunting Ghost
07. 13.00 pm
08. Seven Letter Generation
09. Eternity
10. 20.00 pm
11. Burning Glass
12. Cradle Of The Sun
13. Tourniquet Sleep

Another power metal album. The vocalist has variety and throws in a few death growls as well as some screams. As for the music, they add some prog elements as well as other metal influences from other genres.

Mindcrime Official Site


Wind Wraith - The Fortune Teller's Gaze

1. War In The Sun
2. Fortune Teller's Gaze
3. Dragon Riders
4. Watching Over Me
5. Millennium Horror
6. Wind Wraith
7. Shameless Desires
8. High Hopes: The Amityville Murders
9. Tempted By Death
10. Ancient Tales11. Burning Love

Here's some power metal. For fans of Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, and Jag Panzer.

Wind Wraith Offical Site


Monday, February 13, 2006

Domination Black-Fearbringer


01. Ultra-Speed Destructor

02. Nightmare Asylum

03. Traitor Within

04. Alone in the Darkness

05. Haunted Hellhouse

06. The Psycho

07. From Abyss

08. Frozen Tears

09. Fear Re-LoaDEAD

This is kind of similar to the " modern era" of Judas Priest which Tim Owens sang on. The singer is a dead ringer from " Ripper" Owens. They have more of a thrash feel throughtout the album.

Domination Black Offical Site


Horrorscope-The Crushing Design


01. 24/7

02. Paranoico

03. Hunger

04. Firebolid

05. One Minute Queen

06. Between Two Hearts

07. Killed By Permission

08. Black Is Black (Suicidal Note)

09. Room Nbr 2 (instrumental)

10. Burden Of Faith

11. Mental Slave

Horrorscope play thrash metal and they're are very similar to Testament. Great album.

Horrorscope Official Scope


Saturday, February 11, 2006


Alright so I put up a vote poll to see what metal genres people like. I did this to get a idea of what next to post on here. Keep in mind I started growing tired of black metal in the late 90's as well as most power metal a few years ago. So I won't have tons of either of those genres to up. I still like about 10% of each of those genres, I'm just a picky SoB when it comes to them.

Between the Frost - Realms Of Desolation 2006

No artwork

1.A Furious Storm Of Intoxicating Evil
2.Dominions Of Impaled Beheaded Corpses
3.Burning Kingdom Of Fire
4.A Glorious Dead End
5.Naked (Between The Frost And Fog)
6.Stronger Than Sorrow
7.Realms Of Desolation
8.The Fearsome One
9.Erotic Inanna
10.Melancholic Tears

Alright, this was hard to find any info on once so ever, so no artwork to go along with it. Between The Frost play death/black metal. This album really reminds me of the late 90's. The main influences I hear throughout the album are Dissection and Unanimated. Two of my favorites in the melodic death/black genre


The Arcane Order-Promo 2005


1. Servants of a Darker World 2. Breathe The Poison 3. The Sanity Insane

Here's a damn good promo album. Three songs of thrash/melodic death metal. Ex members of Autumn Leaves and the singer of Raunchy. This band hold alot of promise in the trash/mdm league. As you can see their name used to be Scavenger, before they changed it to The Arcane Order.

The Arcane Order Offical Site


Infliction-The Silencer 2005


1. Eyeseeblack
2. Redhouse
3. Poisonradio
4. Nocturnal
5. Sleepers
6. Welcome
7. Paperlife
8. Thirtyseven
9. Breathe
10. Closer

This was one of my favorite albums of last year. Such a catchy ass album here. This is melodic death with a few touches of gothic metal moments. Bjorn of Night In Gales is the vocalist on this new Infliction album, he was also a guest on their debut " The Faint Smell Of Suicide". If you want catchy tunes this is the album to get. Nothing short of greatness IMO of course.

Infliction Official Site


Thiasos Dionysos- Satyr 2005


1. Siegestanz
2. Thyrsos, the stick of Mainades
3. Der Ahnenruf
4. Recovering Mjöllnir
5. Satyr
6. Hymiskvida
7. Ein keltischer Morgen
8. Heidrun
9. Widar comes
10. Der meinen Geistes Welt

Here we have a really good Viking Metal album. This is for fans of Equilibrium and Amon Amarth. The song " Recovering Mjöllnir " can easily be a AA song. This is a one man band, and he plays everything and anything. Not keyboards( as so many bands do of this style),what you hear are the actual instruments being played.

Thiasos Dionysos Offical Site


Malefactor-Barbarian 2003


1 - Intro
2 - Echoes Of Lemuria
3 - The Pit
4 - Barbarian Wrath
5 - Nightfall
6 - Followers Of The Fallen
7 - Returning....
8 - ...To Unholy Graves
9 - Forgotten Idol
10 - 300 From Sparta
11 - Summoning The Braves

Yet another melodic death album, but Malefactor( Brazil) play a fairly unique take on the mdm style. They are more epic/majestic in their arrangements. Good clean vocals here and there add depth to the overall great song writing.


The Scourger-Blind Date For Violence 2006


1. Decline Of Conformity / Grading:Deranged
2. Hatehead
3. Maximum Intensity
4. Enslaved To Faith
5. The Oath & The Lie
6. Chapter Thirteen
7. Pain Zone
8. Exodus Day
9. Feast Of The Carnivore

ahh yes, the new The Scourger album. Anyone who don't know this band has former Gandalf members vocalist Jari Hurskainen and guitarist Timo Nyberg. Anyone NOT knowing who Gandalf are well, shame on you!! Anyhow this is a great thrashing melodic death album, not unlike Slaughter Of The Soul. Highly Recommended to all those mdm lovers out there! Check them out
The Scourger Website


Suspyre-The Silvery Image-2005


1. Sospirare
2. Father of Hate
3. Distant Skies
4. Waterburns
5. The Breath of Gloria
6. Last of the Survivors
7. Ascension
8. Apex
9. Serpent I Am
10. The City Under Sands
11. I See
12. Seguirai

I have to admit that I'm not much for power metal anymore, but Suspyre's debut album "The Silvery Image" is one hell of an offering by these New Jersey guys. Anyone who likes Symphony X or Secret Sphere get this!


Auberon-The Tale Of Black

Auberon-The Tale Of Black

02-Infinite Beauty
03- Secrets
04-A Whispering Wind
05-The End Of All
06-The Dance
07-A Farewell Of Creation
08-The White Ship
10-For All Time

This was and still is one of my favorite melodic death metal albums. One of the first to use melodic vocals to spice up the music.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Metal Albums

Hello all and please READ

Here you will find albums. This will only be for promotional use only. Here you can listen to new bands or albums that you may or may not have heard before. If you like it, SUPPORT the bands and BUY the album! After you download the album and listen to it, comments are always welcome. I like to hear what others think about the albums I am posting, so please comment on them. This is my first time ever trying to do something like this, so it will be a slow start until I get to know my way around and know how to do things. I will try to up as many albums as I can. I have other priorities that take my bandwidth away, but I will try to update every few days or so. Everything upped here will be 192k or higher, it all depends on the size, and what I can up at rapidshare.

Enjoy your stay, spread the word,and stay metal \\mm//